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Bigg Boss 11 Live Streaming App download-episodes

Bigg Boss 11 live: Each person has a different perspective on entertainment. For a person who is constantly stressed out having to deal with the pressure of the society and his job, no form of entertainment is as appealing as Reality TV. And if you love everything Bollywood and all that the silver screen has to offer, then you will love Bigg Boss 11.  Once the Bigg Boss hype is on, your expectations of true entertainment will be realized.  By streaming Bigg Boss 11 live, it is possible to have at hand the most compatible channel to give you solid entertainment. All the episodes of Bigg Boss 11 will be available. It is even possible to watch Bigg Boss 11 live. This way, you really do stay ahead of the loop.

Bigg Boss 11 Live Streaming App Details

Bigg Boss 11 live
Bigg Boss 11 live

Details about Bigg Boss that you absolutely need to Know

Bigg Boss is one of those shows that are a cult favorite.  It has already established a name for itself across the country. Bigg Boss was originally called as Big Brother and it was made in Netherlands. Indian culture caught a whiff of it and for the last ten years, it has been a part of Indian TV. One episode later, you might be hooked to it too. The best part of Bigg Boss right now is that the viewers can just stream it live anytime they want.  This lets you watch your favorite show from absolutely anywhere at all. The show is also famous for its epic host Salman Khan; there are a million reasons why everyone loves him and Bigg Boss is one of the million reasons that exist. Bigg Boss 11 is all set to introduce its fabulous line-up of contestants.

Show Theme

The show is based entirely around contestants who live in a house for 100 days. All mediums of communication to the external world are cut off. This keeps them isolated from others around them. Those with whom they live during their period on the show are known as housemates.  The house in which Bigg Boss 11 live will be centered around consists of two bedrooms along with a gym and kitchen along with other areas is presented well.

Bigg Boss house has the house also has the potential for a lot of entertainment.  The house is located a bit away from Mumbai and it is usually built every year.  Based on tasks and the way the contestants behave amongst each other, the viewers go crazy about contestants or completely hate them. Based on these factors, they can be nominated for eviction the following week. The contestants who are up for eviction will be voted upon. The ones who manage to receive the most number of votes can be saved and put back into the show. The contestant with the minimal vote is asked to leave the show.


Bigg Boss 11 Promo

Bigg Boss 11 contestants

Bigg Boss 11 start date

Voting For Your Favorite Contestant

Taking the contestant to the final level of the show is hard. It lies mostly in the hands of the viewers. To put a contestant through to the next level, away from eviction, the viewers vote for the show.  The contestants appeal to the viewers to vote in their favor. It is possible to vote for the contestant of their choice and keep voting, even. The performance of that contestant in that particular week also influences the judgment of the viewer.  Viewers are also very fickle.  They tend to keep changing their opinion based on what they read online about a contestant.

Watching the episodes on the internet, you will find that it is even easier to vote for the contestant of their choice.  By tuning into the website to catch the live stream, you will be more aware than ever about the voting process and odds are you would be done voting as the episode ends.

Target Contestants

In the Bigg Boss shows, you often see fresh faces as opposed to celebrities you normally see in these television shows.  These faces crop up from different parts of the country. Bigg Boss is also the ideal platform for these fresh faces to showcase their talents.  The viewer base is nation-wide and no other platform could be as big; while this type of platform is highly promising on one end, it can also be highly damaging and a method of self-destructing.

Choosing Sides

While on one end, there are fresh faces that shoot off to fame through the show, there are some fairly well-known personalities who ruin their reputation and everything through this show. And, this adds to the dramatic flair of the show, making Reality TV just the best type of TV in the world. While the show is packed with entertainment, the real drama starts off the screen when people start choosing sides. The viewers can be seen supporting contestant from their city or those who sport a strong attitude. As this show is for people from the whole of India, the viewer base is diverse. This is why the contestant base is also super diverse.

Catching the Show Live

Bigg Boss starts airing from October usually. This year, it is all set to air from October 1, 2017. The show airs on TV at 9 pm. It goes on for one hour. The show also airs on primetime weekends at 10 pm. The show usually airs on Colors TV.  In case you are not free when it is being aired, stay you are stuck at a party when you could be home watching the show or you’re stuck at transit trying to rush back home to watch the show, but the show started before you reached home, then don’t worry. Just turn on the internet on your phone and you can easily watch Bigg Boss 11 Live.  Just entering the website will let you watch the show Live.

Bigg Boss has been so famous that spinoffs were held on the regional level. One such spinoff was Bigg Boss Tamil Nadu. It was such a sensational hit that the viewers held a protest at the beach to save just one contestant. Will Bigg Boss 11 hold up its promise to deliver entertainment? Only time will tell.


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