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Salman Khan reveals the Theme of Bigg Boss 11 in First promo

Bigg Boss 11 promo: Colors TV already announced the start of Bigg Boss Auditions and the start of Bigg Boss 11. The hype of Bigg boss started booming around with the Latest updates of Bigg Boss. Photos of Salman Khan shooting for the first Bigg Boss 11 promo already leaked on the internet. The buzz created by the leaked pictures and Bigg Boss start date roaming around and the CEO of Colors- Raj Nayak released the most awaited promo of Bigg Boss season 11. In the first promo itself, the theme of Bigg Boss 11 revealed in most conventional way

salman khan in bigg boss 11 promo

Bigg Boss 11 promo

This time colors tv came up with a different theme to have “Padosi”. The theme of Bigg Boss 11 can be understood clearly from the Bigg Boss 11 teasers. 

Here is the First promo of Bigg Boss 11 revealing the theme of Bigg Boss season 11.

From the teaser, we can see Salman Khan watering plants which accidentally fell in the tea of old man who tells the Salman Khan not to do that again. The video continues with a neighbor lady asking Salman Khan to marry, but he replies in his style by saying that he would have married her if she is single.

Bigg Boss season 11 promo tells that the house is going to have to two groups of housemates spying on others. The show is going to have Contestants and commoners as Padosi aka neighbors. However several promos of Bigg boss season 11 are going to release to tell us more about Bigg boss 11.

Bigg Boss 11 going to premiere on 18 October 2017. Everyone is eager to know the Bigg boss 11 contestants who are going to participate in Bigg Boss season 11. However, Contestants revealed in a short while on this website.

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